Minggu, 26 Januari 2014

My favorite teacher in State Islamic Senior high school in Kediri

It’s nostalgic for me, because my lovely teacher is my senior high school teacher. My favorite techer teach chemistry. She is..... yes, she is..... because she is woman. She teach me how to love chemistry. From her, I can feel chemistry is a friend. Until now, i still love chemistry.

Her name is Roro Dewi Mashitoh. Her nickname is Mrs. Roro or Mrs. Dewi. I think that she is one of beautiful teacher in State Islamic Senior high school 3 Kediri City. She is calm. Every there was many naughty student, she just gave smile and never angry with the student. When in the first year, she thaught me but in the next year, others teacher thaught me. But the others still made me feel excited to study chemistry. But, still Mrs. Roro is the best chemistry techer.

Althought in the second year I wasn’t thaught by Mrs. Roro, I could meet her in the club of olimpiad student. Maybe because i was quiet student, so she gave me a lot of attention. Because of that, someday i tell many secret story :) . After that, she always gave motivation for me when I confuse with my university which must i enroll. She also gave me motivation when i join olimpiad level province. And unforgotable moment when she deliver me with my olimpiadmate in State Islamic University of malang.
Until now, we still communicate via short message. She always give me motivation to catch my dream. And her husband was study in germany 10 years ago. This is make me excited to ask about her husband. Thats all, she still is my favorite techer until now. I never forget with her. I hope you always give me motivation and spirit to build and catch my dreams.  

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