Jumat, 31 Januari 2014

Curhatan ibu yang galau anaknya mau masuk PTN

Yeah, this is this is my afternoon story when I go to canteen near Unpad (Padjajaran University). As you know, this afternoon I go to canteen. I ride motorcycle to there. This canteen is one of many favorite canteen in this world. What make this canteen favrite to me? Because the seller is from tegal hehehe. What the connection between tegal and favorite? Because the woman who sell in this canteen always speak javanese to me. This is always done by the same javanese in Pasundan land. Because of that, This canteen make me favoriting this canteen.

And today, i think this is the second times she open the dialogue with me, the buyer hehehe. She begun with her confusing about her child that will enter university world. She confused with her child because her child didn’t join school organization like me :p . It’s like me. She also quite woman. That made she confused. And the other that make her confuse was the child ask to bought ‘detik-detik UAN’. I think this book is best seller every year. Then I ask her, why didn’t you buy ther in tegal? She answer that she don’t know where place to buy that book and so did the child. And she ask me to bought it for the child. And I didn’t believe  I can find it in every market. And I forgot to ask her phone number if sometime i find this book i call her.

And The final what make her confused was because her child want to enter just favorite university in this country. I am not brave to mention its institution here, because it is relative. And then I suggested to try enroll that all universities, and she was afraid if the university tuition fee is so expensive for her. I try to explain her that the tuition fee is depending of her ability. And she was afraid that the enroll is difficult and i explain to try enroll it. Because of that, it make me conscious to be grateful to Allah about The grace that had given for me. Thanks Allah, I always forget You, and I always make mistake. But Your Forgiveness is wide.

This is very great experience I can go to pasundan island here.


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