Senin, 04 Februari 2013

Master of Agriculture Engineering

I do not care that I can write english well, but i want start my story about my dream. Yesterday, I rewrote my dream in my mind. I have a dream to continue my education in the higher level. As look for acknowledge as high as possible. I am not sure that i use that word at true grammar.

I started this dream since i was in elementary school. This is because BJ Habibie tantalized me his succes  at that time. This dream I brought in junior high school, senior high school, and until ini university where BJ Habibie had studied for about one year. By time was running, it have many changed. Beginning with want to enroll departement of chemical engineering, petroleum/mining engineering, mechanical engineering and finally the fate answered my dream into biological engineering.  By right, my massive fear when i want to enroll my university that studying now is that i have ability in english. Now, when i want to enroll abroad master program, it come again. I hope that the fate will said other again because I want to study english hard start now :D. I hope that This dream will become true at half-one years later.

By right, i am afraid, but i believe that Allah will help His servant who pray every day and night, consderable effort, istiqoma and study harder than before. And I believe i can start to study english beginning with small thing what i can do.

Allahu Akbar!

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  1. now, you can learn to write english well or make a status on social media in english so you're usual to use it. PRACTICE! Listen and watch english film (british not slang). You must join a research and then write a paper coz to be a lecturer need BIG EFFORT to do... Do the best and also Pray in tahajud....

  2. Mr. Habibie,, give you and me inspiration, I hope we can be like habibie