Jumat, 15 Februari 2013

Games When i was child

When i was child, i like play with my friends in my village. Palying footbal every evening until my clothe was fully sweat. My mother was sometimes angry with me because I play footbal until azan maghrib. But i was not afraid about that. I always became the oldest 1 until 3 year than others because I don't have same age friends in my allay. 

Beside it, I sometimes played 'torok' with some cigarette's package or some card. The cigarette's package was gotten in the dump or in a way where i walk. Every cigarette's package had different value depending how popular that cigarret was. The higest value of ciggarete was Malboro or '234' :). This cigarette was popular and difficult to get so it's value was high. And the cheapest value is cigarette which not popular and only in my resident.
234 cigarette, :D

Malboro cigarette

How to play? We played it with 'gaco' that throw it to cigarret's packed where was in a circle. We had to get as many as we can. Every games, we pay about 8000 or other with the value of cigarette's package. In this game i usually win and one or two time got lose. This game had to play in a ground.
When this was broken, we will use it as 'gaco'

The other games is 'jump rope' or lompat tali. I played it because I was asked by my old sister :D. My jump sometimes succesed but sometimes failed. This game is too girl's game for me. i played this game with 3 until 10 other friends. In my elementary school, this game is enough popular if not have a ball to play football or volley. we always played this game in the under beringin tree.
Lompat tali
Source image : http://ui.ac.id

I like too, to playing gobak sodor. I think this game always played every free time in sport lesson/schedule. This is too hard to explain this game. This game have room, every room have one man who keep it from rival to enter this room. This game finished every there is a person who catch by opponent fail to enter room. Hehe, hard to explan.
Gobak Sodor
Source image : http://Fahmedfikreatif.wordpress.com
This is to play Gobak sodor
Source image : http://permata-nusantara.blogspot.com

And the playing which need  cost to play is tamiya. In this game, I always have the lowest tamiya. I often modify my tamiya because this cost too high for me. This cost make me bokek as student who get pocket money which limited.
This is my tamiya when i was child, the same
Source image : http://tamiyausa.com

Maybe I will continue this writing, see you next time..


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  1. haha, allay means?? May be sometimes you must write about your discipline (study) in bioengineering... this writing like wrote by a junior student (smp)